Create A Powerful Digital Legacy With Your Own HD Video Manifesto

Powerful Stories. Ordinary People.

Star In Your Own HD Movie Manifesto. Express What’s Important To You, Your Way … With The World As Your Audience.

Entertainment Executives travels worldwide to write, produce and direct high definition video manifestos.

Avoid having mass media bias dictate the world’s perception of you, your agenda or beliefs by misconstruing your vision, editing soundbites which distorts your reality and takes your words out of context. Get your story right the first time with a customized compelling manifesto delivered as a sizzle reel, short film or full length feature film.

We produce high quality, polished, professional films casting you to star in the leading role of original content video manifestos including :

  • Corporate Manifestos
  • Entrepreneur Manifestos
  • Start Up Manifestos
  • Marriage Manifestos
  • Relationship Milestone Manifestos
  • Educational Milestone Manifestos
  • Career Manifestos
  • Championship Manifestos
  • Hero Manifestos
  • Triumph Manifestos
  • Military Manifestos
  • Political Manifestos
  • Community Manifestos
  • Real Estate Manifestos
  • Legal Manifestos
  • Faith Manifestos
  • Family Office Manifestos
  • Wealth Manifestos
  • Inheritance Manifestos
  • Philanthropic Manifestos
  • Gratitude Manifestos
  • Health Manifestos
  • Last Words Manifestos
  • Mental Health Manifestos
  • Pre-Suicide Manifestos
  • End of Life Manifestos


Do you have an axe to grind? Have you experienced egregious injustice of any kind? Got beef with an institution, government agency, corporation, other business, professional or individual? Need to tell your truth and share your side of the story in your own authentic voice? Would you like to maintain creative control and produce an artistic piece to send a message that drives your point home? Express your frustrations, injustice, grievance, passion and even vengeance in a video manifesto. Do you need a true-to-life high definition video reenactment of important events in your life such as an injustice, a bad break up or bitter divorce, wrongful termination, financial ruin, character assassination, backstabbing, double-cross, conspiracy, abuse, coercion, military combat experiences that induced PTSD, conflict or other trauma?


Entertainment Executives creates cinematic magic on film, bringing your memories or fantasies and even retaliation or vengeance to life in an action packed HD Video Manifesto entertainment piece. HD Video Manifestos can serve as a productive creative outlet, a teaching moment for remedial learners, an effective communication tool to deliver offers that can’t be refused. Effective video manifestos connect people to your life experience, world view and pain points. Video manifestos are highly recommended by major players to help organize your thought processes, put mindshare on lock, bring closure to trauma, prevent violent criminal acts which can lead to jail or prison terms and possibly even save lives. Our production team has specific expertise in producing award winning :

  • Injustice Manifestos
  • Victim Manifestos
  • Incarceration Manifestos
  • Recovery Manifestos
  • Abuse Manifestos
  • Crime Manifestos
  • Terror Manifestos
  • Institutionalized Corruption Manifestos
  • Faulty Product Manifestos
  • Love Manifestos
  • Divorce Manifestos
  • Relationship Break Up Manifestos
  • Wrongful Termination Manifestos
  • Vengeance Manifestos

You bring the story and Entertainment Executives will bring the lights, camera and action to produce your magus opus, the Manifesto.

Ala Carte Manifesto Solutions : Writing, producing, directing, budgeting, crew, casting, wardrobe, film locations, stunts, special vfx, motion graphics, custom graphics, animation, complete packaging, editing, craft services, wrap parties, web sites, design, public relations from press releases and media kit development to media placement, product placement, celebrity wrangling, cameos, original music, film scoring and marketing solutions including media streaming, film distribution and yes, even your very own private red carpet film premier starring you …  all available, ala carte.

Leave your mark on the world with a digital legacy produced by Entertainment Executives.

Take your Entertainment Executives’ professionally produced HD Video Manifesto to the next level with a top Hollywood studio quality customized package which includes :

  • Manifesto One Sheets
  • Manifesto Pitch Decks
  • Manifesto Sizzle Reels
  • Manifesto Media Kits
  • Custom Manifesto Design


The digital manifesto is not only cache in legacy achievement, sharing your powerful story is one of the most valuable assets one can contribute to their portfolio within a lifetime, preserved for an eternity to entertain, educate, express your emotions, bequeathed wishes, views and life experience with the world.

Let’s take a meeting! Schedule a confidential consultation with Entertainment Executives to discuss producing your Digital Legacy and HD Video Manifesto.

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