Entertainment Executives Lights Camera Action Writer’s Contest

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Most Requested Script  – Monthly

Best Script  – Quarterly

Green Lit Scripts – Annually

Entertainment Executives hosts several noteworthy script contests including Best Script (quarterly), Green Lit Scripts (quarterly) and Top Script (annually) for bragging rights, prizes, and cash.

Players including top production companies and representation have the opportunity to request leading scripts and writers have the opportunity to have their scripts read, represented, acquired and green lit by Entertainment Executives including producers, agents and managers.

Script titles, log lines and writers from winning script competitions will be reported on our Lights Camera Action Roster.

Top Screenplay Competitions

14th Annual 2016 Script Pipeline Screenplay Competition
Pre-registration Deadline: December 31st, 2015
Entry Fee: $45 per script
Winner Receives:
$25,000 | executive consultation | industry circulation